The Realm of Naeraníra

Here there be Elves. This a place of feasting, song, and Otherwordly things. Shed your cloak and freely enter, but remember to tread lightly among the trees.


Aww, don't be embarrassed worrying about your kitty. They can't speak our language to tell us if something is wrong or no big deal. It's much better to be worried over nothing rather than the alternative. I imagine new parents with a new baby go through the same thing! <3

Haha, I did lose it a little, though.  There’s been a bit too much going on for my heart lately.  *Hides*  But thank you.  I’m going to do my utmost to make this blog rant-free from now on.  There are better places to vent (a journal, for example).  :)

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The new kitten went to the vet again today.  She is all clear, so far as the vet can tell… which is such a relief, but I freaked out just like I did last time and I feel very sheepish now.

I wish the vets wouldn’t tell me the terrible things that could go wrong.  But I guess it’s better to be aware, even if it gives me a (huge) anxiety attack.

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